The “Cool Chain Quality Indicators” CCQI was developed by a Working Group of CCA members and Germanischer Lloyd in order to provide a quality measurement for the logistic industry dealing with Perishable & Temperature Sensitive Products (PTSP). This standard covers all logistic providers in the cool chain.

In the light of recent developments around especially GDP and CEIV, the CCA has decided to not further develop or formally certify the CCQI as a standard. The material that was developed can be downloaded from our website free of charge.

CCQI Outline


No two cool chains are alike. Nevertheless, a management system assessing PTSP logistics performance and aiming to allow for comparability between companies must identify and rely on the fundamental elements of a logistics chain. These fundamental elements are found by splitting a real cool chain into operations so that each operation can be made comparable with a similar operation of a different real cool chain.


  1. Step: Implementation of CCQI and internal Audit
  2. Step: Contact with Germanischer Lloyd Certification
  3. Step: Complete CCQI questionnaire
  4. Step: Getting accepted
  5. Step: External audit by GLC

To see the full version of the Certification Schedule, please click ‘View PDF’ or the image.

Qualification Process

The qualification process for each operation undergoes an assessment in two parts: The Part “Cool Chain Quality Conformance” (CCQC) checks for conformity of the company with basic requirements for a high-quality cool chain. The Part “Cool Chain Quality Indicator” (CCQI) assesses the quality of an operation quantitatively and relates the resulting CCQI points for an operation to the CCA benchmark.

Master Tables

The benchmarking process is executed with the help of CCQI master tables that list relevant risk control measures (RCM) and their assigned effectiveness for each operation to assure the quality of the cool chain.

Cool Chain Quality Indicator Standard v2.2

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