'cool supply chain the ultimate aim'


The CCA is a non-profit organization, founded in 2003, with the aim to reduce wastage and improve the quality, efficiency and value of the temperature sensitive supply chain by facilitating and enabling vertical & horizontal collaboration, education and innovation amongst our members and stakeholders.

Cool Chain” or “Temperature-Sensitive Supply Chain” refers to the subset of the total supply chain that involves the production, storage and distribution of products that require some level of temperature control in order to retain their key characteristics and associated value e.g. food, flowers, pharmaceutical & healthcare products.

It’s the CCA’s ambition to create Impact: visible and measurable results for both companies and our society. Focus and mass are critical success factors and the CCA has therefore chosen to identify relevant impact areas to maximize the social, environmental and economical effect of our initiatives, innovations and projects.

Our Vision

By 2020 the CCA and its members have created visible impact and contributed to ‘Healthy Living’ for all people on our planet by:

  • Improving Quality of Temperature-Sensitive Products
  • Increasing Sustainability
  • Reducing Waste

The CCA is committed to:

  • Making our world a better place by delivering concrete contributions to improve the Cool Chain. Improving quality in the temperature sensitive supply chain will reduce wastage, indirectly contributing to our overall health and reducing global hunger;
  • Reducing carbon emissions and collaboration will make the Cool Chain more sustainable. Investing in innovation, research and education is a key requirement for both the short and the long term. Billions of dollars are at risk as perishables move through the global chain, so the stakes are high and the CCA wants to make a difference;
  • In 10 years time we want to be able to look back to 2012 and say: we are now a truly global and recognized organization, the initiatives we took helped improve awareness for the issues in the Cool Chain, they were instrumental for the realized performance improvements and together we contributed to a better, safer, healthier and more sustainable world;

Our Strategy

The strategy of the Cool Chain Association is geared towards our high-level objectives to contribute to: “Healthy Living

This is why we’re doing the things we do.

In order to create visible impact, our tactical and operational activities focus on 3 specific and relevant impact areas:
  • Information Society
  • Mobility & Transport
  • Open Innovation

This is what we do and how we do it.

The CCA’s key objectives are to facilitate:
  • Think Tank to establish a Knowledge Center
  • Networking to initiate Collaboration
  • Show Cases to present at Conferences

Our Value Proposition

The CCA is the community for Temperature-Sensitive Supply Chain Professionals, providing Thought Leadership, Networking and Results.

Key reasons for you to join:

Tap into the knowledge center for the Cool Chain Industry

  • Discuss, learn and share insights to help establish Healthy Living for all
  • Stay up to date with the latest insights, white papers and research
  • Inspire, get inspired and make a difference 

Join the Networking Events for the Cool Chain Community

  • Meet new people and catch up with old friends, on the web or at our (partner) events
  • Discuss value propositions and develop new business with existing customers or new prospects
  • Stay up to date with developments in related organization like ECSLA, IATA, TIACA etc

Become part of the best-in-class Show Cases

  • Present your projects and learn what others have achieved
  • Improve your results through reducing costs, improved quality and higher profits
  • Be recognized in our Hall of Fame giving you media exposure for quality branding in your company's advertisement campaign

Healthy Living

Good health is fundamental to personal well-being and the quality of our society. Variations in temperature can transform modern medical miracles into useless material or oppose threats on the food we eat. Healthy living in the future will require sustainable food supply for all of us on this planet.

The CCA is committed to contribute by providing a Think Tank and Knowledge Center to:

  • Reduce food wastage
  • Reduce food born diseases
  • Improve shelf-life
  • Fight counterfeiting
  • Improve traceability

Mobility & Transport

Mobility and Transport are conditions for prosperity and welfare, but our mobility system is also harmful to the economy, people and the environment. Half full trucks, increasing energy usage, CO2 emission, redistributing returnable transport items - all these issues force us to rethink our mobility patterns.

The CCA is committed to increase awareness and stimulate all stakeholders to:

  • Invest in clean mobility
  • Use sustainable equipment
  • Reduce inefficiencies
  • Improve reliability
  • Improve RTI’s / Packaging

Information Society

An information infrastructure is emerging where people as well as ‘things’ communicate with each other in new ways and employ open data. The innovating of the Internet enables us to do things differently: more efficiently, better, faster, smarter and more sustainably.

The CCA is committed to improve competence and create trust by helping to:

  • Improve transparency
  • Implement new technologies
  • Stimulate new software
  • Monitor shipments
  • Share information easily

Open Innovation

Finding solutions for issues in the Cool Chain requires more effective tools, technologies and processes across the chain, post-harvest to retail, factory to pharmacy, across products and assets. This will require an in-depth understanding of the issues and innovation distribution efforts to focus on key areas.

The CCA is committed to facilitate, contributing by helping to:

  • Bring stakeholders together
  • Provide information sharing
  • Showcase projects
  • Stimulate new initiatives
  • Interact with Universities