'cool supply chain the ultimate aim'

Able Freight

Able Freight is a perishable solution freight company with 100% integrity to the cold chain.


Able Freight is committed to being the top provider of freight forwarding services to the perishable industry through the use of state of the art customer service tools and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

  • Years in Operation: 25
  • Specialization: Temperature Sensitive Commodities
  • Tonnage: 80 Million Kilo
  • Employees: 350+ FTE's
  • Annual Revenue: $150 Million
  • Partner Representatives: 75+
  • Strategic Airline Partners: 25+
  • Handling skids/day: 1000

Able Freight has a very balanced portfolio of business touching all parts of the globe and is currently the 12th largest IATA export agent in the USA (date 2016).

25 years of experience / Strong airline relationships / CCSF Facilities / Groundbreaking ramp technology / Strong training program

Warehouses: Los Angeles (3) - San Francisco - Hawaii (2) - Guadalajara (MEX) - Mexico City

Accreditations: Security IACSSP - CCSF - C-TPAT

Food Safety/Quality: HACCP; SCF 2000; WQA; CCOF; IATA / DG; FSIS

Destinations: Australia; Europe; China; Japan; South East Asia; Russia; Middle East; South America; North America.

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