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The Cool Chain Association launches new logo and website at its seventh global perishables event

The Cool Chain Association (CCA) welcomed over 60 delegates to its Seventh Global Perishables Conference held virtually yesterday

Luxembourg, Thursday 16 September 2021: The Cool Chain Association has launched a new logo and website as part of its drive to grow membership and further support a more quality-driven temperature-sensitive supply chain.

The new branding reflects CCA’s efforts to encourage collaboration in the cool chain community, with the new website providing easy access to information about ongoing projects, as well as downloadable white papers and case studies.

The new look was revealed at the CCA’s Seventh Global Perishables Event attended virtually by over 60 delegates yesterday.

“There has perhaps never been a more pressing time for our community to work together and drive quality in the temperature-sensitive supply chain,” said Stavros Evangelakakis, Chairman, Cool Chain Association (CCA).

“CCA provides a neutral platform to facilitate collaboration with the aim of reducing food loss and waste, as well as benefiting the pharma industry.

“Our new look is a reflection of our renewed vision to grow membership and drive quality-driven change in the industry.”

Delegates at the Perishables Conference were updated on CCA initiatives including its new Technical Committee, which aims to assist, analyse, study, and manage critical points affecting product quality along the value chain, as well as developing standards, and initiating projects.

“We welcome any suggestions for projects that will progress the ambition of the Association to reduce waste and loss and improve the quality, efficiency, and value of the cool supply chain,” said Nicola Caristo, CCA Secretary General; Airline Partner Manager, SkyCell AG.

“It allows us to concentrate efforts and resources on specific topics and projects, whilst showcasing the benefits of joining the Association to cool chain companies through white papers and proof of concept.”

Delegates heard an overview of the perishables market in South Africa from Lucien Jansen, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the conference platinum sponsor PPECB.

The event was also sponsored by shipping line MSC and terminal operator FPT.

Dr Radhika Batra, Founder and President of Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) Every Infant Matters, the CCA’s chosen charity, spoke about reshaping healthcare to make it more accessible.

The CCA holds both perishable and pharma events, with the next event to be held in 2022.

For more information on joining CCA or taking part in one of its programmes go to

To suggest a project for the Technical Committee, contact

Seventh Global Perishables Conference

Innovation and Technology – an introduction to CCA projects that are supporting a more quality-driven cool supply chain.

Featuring guest speaker Lucien Jansen, Chief Executive Officer, Perishable Products Export Control Board (PPECB) to give an in-depth overview of the South African perishables landscape, and a talk from Dr Radhika Batra, founder of Non-Profit Organisation (NPO), Every Infant Matters, about reshaping healthcare to make it more accessible.

Cool chain association backs children’s charity and welcomes two new sponsors at its seventh annual perishables conference

Global container shipping line MSC and South African terminal operator FPT join the Perishables Products Export Control Board (PPECB) to support the virtual conference

Luxembourg, Monday 6th September 2021: The Cool Chain Association (CCA) is requesting delegates for its virtual Perishables Conference on 15th September 2021 to donate to children’s charity Every Infant Matters instead of paying a registration fee.

The conference, supported by platinum sponsor PPECB, gold sponsor MSC and silver sponsor FPT, will provide a platform for delegates to learn about new ways to drive quality and efficiency in the temperature-controlled supply chain.

The event will see Board members provide an update on current CCA projects that are supporting a more quality-driven cool chain.

“CCA members work together on projects that will help improve the quality of the cool chain and we have plenty of useful information to share at our conference, especially given the challenges of COVID,” said Stavros Evangelakakis, CCA Chairman.

“The value of collaboration is in sharp focus at the moment, and we will be sharing knowledge and information to help support stakeholders from across the cool logistical value chain to be more agile and less wasteful.”

The virtual event will take place on Wednesday 15th September from 15:30 to 18:00 CET.

Guest speakers will include Lucien Jansen, PPECB Chief Executive Officer, and Dr Radhika Batra, Founder of Every Infant Matters, the CCA’s chosen charity.

Every Infant Matters serves poverty-stricken communities in India, Nigeria, and the Dominican Republic with last mile healthcare solutions.

The conference programme will feature talks by Evangelakakis and Nicola Caristo, CCA Secretary General and Airline Partner Manager of SkyCell AG, along with round tables chaired by CCA Board Directors examining data sharing, risk and change management, and collaboration in practice.

To register to attend the CCA’s Global Perishables Event, please click this link or contact Ebele Nwakude at

Working together to improve the temperature-sensitive supply chain to reduce food loss and waste in the perishables sector as well as benefiting the pharma community.

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