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World Without Food Waste – What can Air Cargo Deliver?

World Without Food Waste – What can Air Cargo Deliver?

Luxembourg - 6th July 2018 - Update on Food Waste & Thank you from the Chairman

Dear all, 

Firstly, I would like to say a huge thank you to all of our CCA members who attended the “World Without Food Waste – what can air cargo deliver?” conference in Luxembourg last week. We communicated our message loud and clear that tackling global food waste is a critical issue for the industry, and the event was a resounding success thanks to our excellent speakers who delivered thought-provoking presentations. 

The level of active participation from the audience was impressive and reflected how the air cargo community are highly engaged with issues that are not only impacting our industry, but also the world. This was further highlighted by the site visit to fruit and vegetable distributor, Grosbusch, where delegates learned about the Grosbusch Kids scheme which helps educate children about the importance of fresh food.

Other key messages included calls for the creation of a perishables supply chain standard to reduce the 1.3 billion metric tonnes of food that is wasted along the supply chain each year. The call to action follows the recent publication of a CCA “farm to fork” study of papayas from Brazil to Europe, which analysed waste in perishable logistics. 

The report, “Papayas – studying waste in perishable logistics”, by Philippe Schuler, Food Waste Prevention Consultant – CCA Researcher, on perishable cool chains, is now available to CAA members and we recommend our community to educate themselves on how the air cargo industry can help to resolve this problem.

We shall now take this momentum from the conference and work on expanding the project to collect data from growers to the final destination. This is also an open invitation for CCA members to join the project and contribute to an industry-changing initiative.

In addition to CCA expanding the study, I will be contacting Andrea Gruber, Head, Special Cargo, IATA, to discuss the outcome of the conference and the minimum industry standards we would like to achieve with regards to food waste.

And finally, we are busy planning for the next perishables event which will be announced in the coming months – so stay tuned.

Thank you again for your attendance at the conference.

Yours sincerely,

Stavros Evangelakakis

Chairman, Cool Chain Association