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TIACA Air Cargo Forum 2006

TIACA Air Cargo Forum 2006

At the Roundup Centre in Stampede Park, Calgary, Canada on the 12th -14th September 2006 was being held the TIACA Air Cargo Forum 2006. It was hosted by the Calgary Airport Authority and supported by the air cargo logistics industry. The Cool Chain Association was well represented this year. David Pierce one of the Directors from the CCA Board who has followed the growth of TIACA as the world’s premier air cargo industry event was at the gathering and visited the exhibiting companies. These exhibitors represented some of the biggest names in the international air logistics industry. David was also accompanied by the Chairman of the CCA, Mr. Robert Arendal and the Marketing Director of the CCA, Mr. Steven Boyd.

The International Air Cargo Association has produced international forums and expositions for the past 46 years. These events are held biennially and rotate between North American, Asian, and European venues. This year well-defined audience of from 4-5,000 industry experts were present, with interests in economic savings and better utilization of facilities as well as other industry relevant topics.

The most interesting session “Help, We’re Drowning in Paper!” hosted by Peter Conway, Correspondent of Payload Asia was about the paper waste within the transportation. IATA claims that the air cargo industry could fill 39 Boeing 747 freighters each year with paper wasted on documentation. In 33 years the average time for an air cargo shipment has only been reduced from 6.5 days to 6 days. Paperless cargo processing could save the industry $1.2 billion each year and reduce shipping time by 25%.

The Cool Chain Association looks forward to being part of this event in Malaysia in 2008!