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Temperature Measurements – When, Where, How and WHY

Temperature Measurements – When, Where, How and WHY

The Cool Chain Association was recently held its technology workshop in Sweden, invited to the headquarters of container manufacturer Envirotainer. Envirotainer certainly pulled out all the stops to make sure this was a very informative and creative event. There were over 45 participants from Europe, USA, Middle East and other continents participating in this workshop.

The agenda boasted a wide range of topics from RFID technology when transporting fish and fresh cut flowers to learning about temperature techniques in sea containers. Industry experts presented information that won wide ranging support from the participants.

As to the question of WHY temperature should be measured, it was unanimously agreed that it is explained in one word: Quality. However when the group began debating the question as to WHEN measurements should be taken – and how often, the discussions brought up a range of practical as well as security questions, while – again - all agreed that it should be measured during throughout the actual transportation. With new technology coming on the market every year, the HOW can be answered by considering RFID options, which observe periodic temperature measurements. 

Global giants such as the Boeing Company are using this type of technology in their aircraft manufacturing and maintenance process. RFID technology can help to control temperature, but is not able to solve the problem when the temperature is wrong/high/low during the cool chain. Dr. Wild an expert on maritime container transport gave examples WHERE to measure temperatures by explaining the air-systems inside a reefer container where studies show the best place to measure temperature is in the surrounding box/container.

By the end of the two days of workshops, it was agreed that the best way forward is to have airlines, manufacturers, forwarders, and handling companies to look further into this matter and identify the solutions and processes for improving this vital part of the unbroken the cool chain. Providing a forum to learn from cool chain experts on how to meet the demand our customers require and deserve is critical to improving the overall PTSP transportation and providing better solutions to the industry.