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Stavros Evangelakakis new Chairman of Cool Chain Association (CCA)

Stavros Evangelakakis new Chairman of Cool Chain Association (CCA)

27th June 2017 - Senningerberg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Stavros Evangelakakis has taken over the chairmanship of Sebastiaan Scholte, who served as chairman of the CCA for 5 years. Stavros Evangelakakis, currently global product manager of Cargolux Airlines, has been a board member of the CCA since 2012.

Sebastiaan Scholte, CEO of Jan de Rijk Logistics comments; “I have served as chairman for 5 great years. The CCA has a yearly event focusing on perishables and another event on pharmaceuticals in the air cargo supply chain. I am proud of how the association has grown to become an authority on cool chain logistics. We have a voice in the industry and make things work. We are not bound by political correctness, we push for things and we are not afraid to discuss relevant topics in an open & transparent way.

I am also happy to announce that we recently extended our board with Gerton Hulsman, managing director of Dusseldorf Airport Cargo and Fabrizio Iacobacci, Head of Pharma Business Development at Bcube Air Cargo. Lastly we are in a great financial position. Our aim is not to make a profit but it is always good to have strong cash reserves, which we do. Our reserves have significantly improved over the last 5 years”

Stavros Evangelakakis adds: “It is a great pleasure to see where we started and where we are now. The organization is a lot more professional. We need to continue to listen to our members concerns as well as act as a strong unified voice for our industry. It would be great if we could look towards holding more conferences on the cool chain, including airport communities in our efforts going forward. We would like to continue to grow our membership base with people who are willing to make a change within the cool air cargo supply chain. Our goal is to have more transparency and ultimately more collaboration”.


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