'cool supply chain the ultimate aim'

Secretary General

Represents the Association to the outside world and takes care of all aspects of Administration of the CCA Secretariat with the main scope to ensure the smooth running of the Secretariat and more specifically;

Operate the CCA phone, answer requests, send Membership forms to potential members, answer letters, faxes etc.;

Keep and maintain a Membership Database of all Members;

Develop procedures in line with the CCA’s by-laws and ensure these procedures are complied with; including necessary regulatory filings of AGM minutes and executive board appointments;

Take care of the organization of all Board meetings, including; set up of meeting facilities, drafting and distributing of Minutes.

Undertakes the organization of all Club Events, including; set up of meeting facilities, sending Agenda and Invitations to all members.

Consult with outside services (Hotels, Catering co., printing co., designers etc.) to ensure the best possible service vs. price in the best possible interest of the CCA.

About Edwin Kalischnig...

The Board is happy to inform you about the re-election at our AGM in May 2017 of Mr. Edwin Kalischnig as Secretary General of the CCA for another period of 2 years.

Edwin Kalischnig is the Chief Executive Officer of Xtreme Technologies B.V. and the Secretary General of Cool Chain Association. Edwin is passionate about using innovation to deliver business value and in these roles, he combines Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions with components like RFID, Sensors, Cloud, “Big Data” and other emerging technologies, to help improve customers’ key business processes. 

One of his key focus areas for advanced IoT Solutions is Cool Chain Logistics, where "Identification", "Location" and "Condition" are of paramount importance. Cool Chain, or Temperature-Sensitive Supply Chain, refers to the subset of the total supply chain involving production, storage and distribution of products that require some level of temperature control in order to retain their key characteristics and associated value e.g. (bio)pharmaceuticals and healthcare products, food and flowers. 

As Secretary General and active board member of the Cool Chain Association, Edwin provides subject matter expertise on Cool Chain Quality Management to brand owners, major global logistics service providers and retailers in support of traceability and e-pedigree, temperature control, quality improvement, anti-counterfeiting and first-expired-first-out logistics concepts.

Edwin has an MBA from the University of Bradford / Tias-NIMBAS, a Techno-Commercial degree from Nijenrode University and a Bachelor Science degree in Precision Engineering Technologies. In 2009 Edwin successfully concluded the course “Leading Product Innovation” at Harvard Business School.