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Promising Outlook for the CCA Workshop “Cool Pharma”

Promising Outlook for the CCA Workshop “Cool Pharma”

Pharmaceutical Manufactures along with Major Airlines, Integrators, Forwarders, Handling Companies, Container Manufactures, IATA & Cargo 2000 and many others are attending the Cool Chain Associations Workshop in Brussels next month.

The Cool Chain Association (CCA), together with the PTSP Industry and Germanischer Lloyd, has been successful in developing new standards for the transportation and handling of Temperature Sensitive Products - with the objective to improve the quality within the PTSP logistics as well as reducing waste and claims.

The Cool Chain Quality Indicators (CCQI) are a complete set of Master Tables that covers all the steps of the individual participants in the cool chain logistics from A to Z. Each activity within the chain is covered separately and in a clear and explanatory way. Service Providers that apply the CCQI Master Tables can in turn obtain the CCQI Certification – a “quality stamp” of EXCELLENCE in the PTSP logistics.

The CCA is now turning its focus on the Pharmaceutical Industry that is searching for the same high quality logistics and unbroken cool supply chain. The CCQI Master Tables are equally valuable, applicable and mandatory in the transportation of Pharmaceutical products and the CCA endeavors to make the Pharmaceutical Industry aware of the importance and advantages of the CCQI Master Tables.

The CCA Workshop “Cool Pharma” is a true workshop with the objective to involve all the companies that are a vital part of an unbroken cool chain for pharmaceutical products. The CCA Workshop enables clients and service providers to explain their views and advantages on how to improve the logistic chain and set new standards for the distribution of pharmaceutical products.

It’s a unique opportunity for all parties, but especially for the pharmaceutical manufactures to learn the latest technology and standards - but also to explain their specific requirements - in the unbroken cool chain.