'cool supply chain the ultimate aim'

IATA Cargo Symposium, Mexico City

IATA Cargo Symposium, Mexico City

Over 750 air cargo professionals participated in the IATA Cargo Symposium in Mexico. The Opening Remarks from IATA Director General – Giovanni Bisignani – set the tone of new spirit of IATA; creative, provocative as well as opening the door for cooperation between IATA and other organizations, such as the Cool Chain Association.

The Cool Chain Association was represented by its Chairman Robert Arendal and members of the Board Steven Boyd, AmSafe and Ian Gregory, bmi. Several other CCA member companies attended, such as Cargolux, Envirotainer, KLM/AirFrance, Continental Airlines, Emirates Airlines, Franwell, Icelandair, Hellmann’s, Panalpina, Riemsdijk and many others.

Apart from the Opening Plenary Session – attended by most of the 750 people – the participants could attend - at their choice - a selection of 8 different forums, including such subjects as E-Freight and Perishable Goods.

The Perishable Goods Forum was attended by 40 to 50 participants and around 10 different subjects as well as Panel Discussions and Face-to-Face Sessions. The two days “Perishables forum” was well managed and chaired by Bruce Clemmons of FEDEX with some 20 different speakers and panel participants and included some excellent and very good as well as provocative but especially constructive Q&A sessions. The full program is available on the IATA website –

Reference to the CCA as well as the CCQI’s were made many times during the speeches as well as during the Q&A sessions and Eric Raemdonck of IATA, confirmed that IATA was very open for a cooperation with CCA and it was agreed that several of the key subjects brought up at this PER forum should be carried forward for further evaluation at the CCA AGM and Workshops in Vatry, May 23rd to 25th, 2007. 

Such subjects were:

  • Temperature statements on the airway bill or consignment documents
  • A special label for PTSP’s with (or without) the required temperature indicated
  • How to “guarantee” unbroken cool chain transportation – from A to Z
  • How the retailers are shaping the PTSP supply chain - New technology for PTSP movement and temperature tracking (RFID)

In the afternoon of March 7th, a CCA presentation was also made to the Working Group of Cargo2000. The idea of cooperation between CCA and C2K was well received and it was agreed to continue to explore this cooperation in form of an integration and/or link between C2K cargo tracking/movement management system and the CCA CCQI and temperature control system. In line with the guidelines agreed by the Board of Directors of C2K and CCA, the next step is now for the CCA TWC to meet the C2K TWG on March 21st in the UK. The purpose of this meeting is to evaluate the technology issues in the C2K & CCA cooperation and provide a status report on this issue at the CCA AGM in May this year.