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Future Changes to today’s Consumer Demands

Future Changes to today’s Consumer Demands

The Cool Chain Association was established in 2003 with the backing of some key industry enthusiasts, who concluded that it would be of great common interest, to establish an association that could help harmonize the movements and handling of Perishables and Temperature Sensitive Products, on a global scale.

The upcoming 5th Annual General Meeting will be hosted by Paris Vatry Airport S.E.V.E. on 23rd to 25th May 2007 in Chalons Champagne Cedex. Health, Food Quality, Bio Products and Freshness are the focus of the Consumer of tomorrow; Consequently, Retailers will be demanding improved efficiency and logistic quality in their supply chain. Not only growers and exporters need to supply top quality but the providers in the unbroken cool chain transportation need to meet this new demand as well. The CCQI concept and the CCQI certified companies are expected to be the retailers preferred partners in order to meet future Consumer demands.

The CCA has secured top industry experts to present and challenge us with their expertise at our Annual General Meeting in France. Some of those experts include Mr Tony Wright, Vice President of Exelsius who will discuss the issue of changing consumer trends and what it means for Perishables and Temperature Sensitive Products (PTSP). Additionally, Mr. Jelger de Vriend, Project Leader "Next Generation Sourcing" in Royal Ahold, Netherlands will explain the prime quality demands at the point of distribution. Consumer demands for quality are consequently retailer demands. In order to help us better understand this important issue, Mr Marc Spielrein, President/Chairman of Semmaris/Rungis will explain some of the needs of his company, one of Europe’s largest high quality food distributors.

During the conference participants will be broken into smaller working groups to discuss perishable transportation issues and future challenges. The second day is devoted to panel discussions incorporating both the working groups and speakers views.

As it is every year, the highlight will be Gala dinner at Champagne House Pommery.

This event is a must for all industry professionals involved in the transportation and management of Perishable and Temperature Sensitive Products. This is the only industry forum of its kind for perishable logistic experts worldwide.