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  • Envirotainer and CHEP's cold chain alliance

    Cool Chain specialist and CCA Member Envirotainer and ULD management company CHEP are to work together in a strategic worldwide alliance. The deal addresses an increasing need for cold chain transportation of perishables, pharmaceuticals and healthcare products. At the same time, Envirotainer is to establish four new fully Envirotainer-operated competence centres in Atlanta, Amsterdam, Singapore and Vienna.

  • Reefer containers set to pay their way under pool plan

    The possible formation of a grey pool for reefer containers moved a step closer this week with the publication of a new white paper on the concept and signs that resistance to its introduction is lessening. Steve Alaerts, general manager of perishable-specialist freight forwarder foodcareplus, told The Coolstar (sister publication to The Loadstar) that after an initial meeting in Antwerp earlier this year between representatives of the various stakeholders in the perishable mariti...