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    Cool Times - Autumn 2007

    Inside this issue: 

    • Message from the Board
    • Project Updates: CO2 Project 
    • CCQI Certification of Cargo Service Center India 
    • Industry Activity: Robert Arendal Attendance at Events
    • Spotlight On: Currency Volatility
    • New CCA Members
    • Upcoming Events

    Download your copy here: Cool Times - Autumn 2007.pdf

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    Cool Times - Spring 2007

    Inside this issue:

    • CCQI Certification of Integra2
    • Review of AGM meeting in Hamburg
    • CCA in Sweden for Technology Workshop
    • Message from the Board Members
    • TIACA Membership Broadens the CCA Awareness 
    • CCA Expands Cooperation with IATA 
    • Names in the News 
    • CCA appoints area representative in the Far East 
    • Project Updates 
    • Focus on Retailers 
    • Spotlight On: The Wonders of Raspberries 
    • PTSP Events 
    • New CCA Members 
    • CCA AGM in France - May 23rd-25th, 2007

    Download your copy here: Cool Times - Spring 2007.pdf