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Cool Chain Association Fosters Innovation and Cooperation

Cool Chain Association Fosters Innovation and Cooperation

COOL CHAIN ASSOCIATION A.S.B.L. (CCA) - the leading community for Temperature-Sensitive Supply Chain Professionals - has proven to be fertile ground for innovations, developed in an environment of joint collaboration where knowledge is shared and business opportunities are created.

During the last meeting of the CCA in Madrid (15-16 Oct 2012) the inefficiencies in (amongst others) the cool air cargo supply chain were discussed. Research showed that the loading area on the tarmac at many airports remains a weak spot.

DuPont and Cargolux, both members of the CCA have jointly developed a new solution for transportation of temperature sensitive products like perishable and healthcare products. Through various discussions and working groups in the CCA, both Cargolux and DuPont decided to collaborate on a solution to better control the temperature especially on the tarmac, where goods are sometimes exposed to very high temperatures.

Resulting from this joint effort between Cargolux and DuPont de Nemours (Luxembourg), the Tyvek® Air Cargo Cover represents an innovative breakthrough for the transportation of temperature sensitive air cargo. The blanket is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and creates a unique balance of properties that are ideal for protecting sensitive cargo from extreme temperature variations.

Air Cargo Covers protect temperature sensitive goods against sunlight, temperature variations, rain and theft with pest or contamination control (liquids, dust, pollens, insects, bird droppings etc) as an additional benefit. The Cargolux KeepCool team tested the blanket in stations where temperature sensitive cargo is mostly vulnerable.

Positive results have prompted Cargolux to introduce the AirCargo Covers throughout its network for the benefit of its worldwide customers requiring additional protection for their temperature sensitive shipments. Read more about this CCA Show-Case here.

Especially some pharmaceutical and healthcare products need constant temperature monitoring (and preferably control) to warrant the quality and in the end the health of people. Forwarders have adopted different temperature monitoring systems and some of those have been applied by airports and handling agents. Different technologies are used to capture and share information, including sensors with RFID, temperature loggers and sensor networks.

Ideally these different systems operate through one information platform that should allow transparency across the collaborating parties in the Cool Chain. In case there is a temperature breach expected or detected, this should automatically trigger a message to the ramp employees in order to take (proactive) action. The objective is to create these alerts in real-time and resolve the problem when - or even before - it occurs.

New initiatives in this area will benefit from work that has been done by CCA members Rungis Express, Cool Chain Group and Xtreme Technologies, who have worked closely together to test a state-of-the-art technology solution to monitor and manage reefer trucks and trailers with 3 separate temperature chambers - in real time - across Europe. In order to improve quality, the advanced software solution continuously scans all events and provides real-time information on any irregularities that may affect the deliveries of the valuable shipments.

An intelligent system that continuously monitors all the events and alerts staff will improve business agility and help achieve the high quality goals set. This should result in a systematic decrease in damage or loss of products, late deliveries and claims. It was decided to test Xtreme Technologies’ TradeLink solution that enables job and fleet operations management, communication with drivers, navigation and real-time monitoring of vehicle locations and status of the 3 temperature chambers.

The platform can be further enriched with information from returnable transport items and products using (2D) bar-codes, RFID and sensor networks. For Rungis, CCG and their business partners this means they can now create an integral view of their deliveries and be pro-actively notified in case of relevant business events, improving quality and creating results that matter. Read more about this CCA Show-Case here.

The CCA is committed to ‘Healthy Living for All People on Our Planet’ and these projects offer a modest but concrete contribution by helping reduce food wastage and food-born illnesses, improving shelf-life, improving traceability and fighting counterfeits.

These CCA Show Cases are exemplary for our mission to reduce wastage and improve the quality, efficiency and value of the temperature sensitive supply chain by facilitating and enabling vertical & horizontal collaboration, education and innovation amongst our members and stakeholders.

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The CCA is a non-profit organization, founded in 2003, with the aim of synchronizing the cool supply chain in order to improve the quality of perishables and temperature sensitive products (PTSP) and thus prolong their shelf life and reduce wastage. Its members come from a wide range of different industries across the world and are all active in the temperature sensitive supply chain. For more information, visit us at: