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Continental Airlines Cargo Grows Cold Chain Products With Envirotainer

Continental Airlines Cargo Grows Cold Chain Products With Envirotainer

July 19, 2007 (Houston, Texas) - Continental Airlines Cargo, the first US airline to implement a structured cold chain product, has signed a new global contract with Envirotainer, setting the stage for expansion of its temperature-controlled product line.

The new agreement will see the increased use of Envirotainer’s active temperature-controlled air cargo containers for customers using Continental Airlines Cargo’s ClimateSecure service. The airline says using these advanced ULD containers provides its customers with a ‘superior alternative to traditional cooling means such as foam, gel packs or insulating blankets, which add expense to shipments and waste space.’

“Our new agreement with Envirotainer demonstrates Continental Cargo’s commitment to expand our position as the only U.S. airline with a comprehensive temperature-controlled shipping program.” says Mark Mohr, Continental Cargo’s Manager of Product Development and Specialty Sales. “As a direct result of our enhanced relationship with Envirotainer, we will soon be seeing even greater advances in the areas of quality, and new product development.”

ClimateSecure provides an unbroken door-to-door cool chain for up to 72 hours or longer when dry ice and batteries are replenished in transit. The service is designed for customers shipping high value and sensitive goods including pharmaceuticals, electronics, cosmetics, fine art and perishables.

As part of its new agreement, the airline will also participate in Envirotainer’s training program and aims to become a QEP-CEP accredited airline. The implementation of the training sessions is planned to start in the next few months. The program was developed in consultation with the pharmaceutical industry to define those service providers that were capable of using the Envirotainer solution to ensure the integrity of their temperature sensitive shipments. Continental will commence with the formal technical training and accreditation program in Newark and Houston followed by locations in Western Europe.

Martin Peter, Vice President Sales at Envirotainer, says: “We are happy to win the first American carrier to invest in a structured and branded service to provide cold chain services based on Envirotainer containers. This is an important milestone also for Envirotainer.

Rolling out the product within Continental Airlines alongside with the QEP/CEP program will help to grow the business at a high quality.”