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CCA and ECSLA form partnership

CCA and ECSLA form partnership

At the recent CCA Annual General Meeting in Luxembourg, Board members, presided by the newly appointed Chairman Sebastiaan Scholte (Jan de Rijk Logistics), decided unanimously to partner with ECSLA, the European Cold Storage and Logistics Association. With this partnership, ECSLA and CCA aim to reduce wastage and improve the quality, efficiency and value of the temperature sensitive supply chain by facilitating and enabling vertical & horizontal collaboration, education and innovation amongst their members and stakeholders. 

Both ECSLA President Hans van Leeuwen (Frigolanda Cold Logistics) and Vice-president Luc Put (Colfridis) demonstrated their excitement by stating: “Joining forces will not just strengthen our position as voice of the European cold storage and logistics industry in Brussels but also put the many logistic solutions our industry is offering for handling temperature sensitive products more into the spotlights. We believe that the CCA has proven to be fertile ground for innovations, developed in an environment of joint collaboration where knowledge is shared and business opportunities are created”. 

Mr. Scholte and CCA Secretary General Edwin Kalischnig indicate that this partnership fits exactly into the strategic vision of the Cool Chain Association, to take the organization to the next level by cooperating with other professional cold chain partners. “We are impressed by the ECSLA structure with so many executives taking leadership responsibility in committees and working groups and we are convinced that the mingling with our members will contribute to the professionalism of all logistic service providers involved.” 

First joint event will be a 2-days ECSLA/CCA conference in Madrid, Oct 15-16, 2012 set up in close cooperation with ALDEFE, the Spanish cold store association. Marcos Badenes, the Secretary General finds the partnership an extra argument for Spanish logistics companies to participate. “This brings the best of two worlds to Madrid and will make it an unique occasion to hear about best practices and latest developments in both frozen and chilled”.

About ECSLA: The European Cold Storage and Logistics Association (ECSLA) is the voice of the European cold storage industry. ECSLA represents the interests of thousands of refrigerated storage facilities throughout the EU with a total capacity of more than 40 million cubic meters. More details can be found at: