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Billund Airport is the First to receive CCQI Certification

Billund Airport is the First to receive CCQI Certification

Cool Chain Association and Germanischer Lloyds has given their first certification diploma for the new Industry Standard; CCQI – Cool Chain Quality Indicators to Billund Airport. Billund Airport is thereby the first company certified to handle Perishables and Temperature Sensitive Products (PTSP), with the quality label CCQI.

Jan Ditlevsen, cargo manger of Billund Airport is very pleased by his airports accomplishment; “we now have solid proof that our airport is not only capable of handling PTSP, but we apply to a higher standard put by the industry itself... we are very proud to be the first to obtain this certification. The whole exercise has been a tremendous learning experience for us”.

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CCQI’s, which were developed jointly by CCA and Germanischer Lloyd (GL), and introduced to the industry only last year, provide a means for gauging the reliability, quality and proficiency of companies involved in the transport, handling and storage of PTSP. The point system incorporated in the CCQI standards provides an innovative, reliable and accurate means of highlighting and tracking quality in the cool chain logistics supply chain. Germanischer Lloyd Certification is the exclusive certification body for the new standards.

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