'cool supply chain the ultimate aim'

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

& Pharma Gateway Amsterdam:

The Qualified and Transparent pharma supply chain

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is a Skyteam hub and home to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Our vast route network connects Amsterdam to 322 direct destinations around the globe (by air), and to all trucking destinations throughout Europe. 

In 2016 Schiphol welcomed 63.6 million passengers and handled 1.7 million tonnes of Cargo. Not only our geographic location, but also our excellent road infrastructure contributes to the significant volumes that are transported from all over the Benelux region to Schiphol, to be flown around the world. 

At Schiphol Cargo, we believe in bringing different parties within the public, private, and business sectors together. Only by creating partnerships can we excel in our industry. With a dedicated team of nine people we provide full support to all partners in the field. By supporting the Cargo Community in creating viable solutions for efficient supply chains, we strive to facilitate and promote a competitive and efficient logistics marketplace.

Europe’s most connected Pharma Gateway 

Launched in March 2016, Pharma Gateway Amsterdam (PGA) is a strategic partnership that promotes and creates transparency in the cold/cool/temperature sensitive supply chain. PGA members represent all logistics service providers within the supply chain and are fully committed to providing the highest quality in the moving of pharmaceuticals, alongside full transparency. Obtaining IATA’s CEIV Pharma Certification lies at the core of PGA membership.  

Our collective goal? Optimal joined up processes that make the transportation of temperature sensitive pharma products as safe and efficient as possible.   

Temperature Alert 

Pharma Gateway Amsterdam is currently developing an early warning system for pharma shippers through the data collection and monitoring of PGA shipments.  

The data obtained from the monitoring project will allow us to identify exceptions such as temperature incursions, and create a model to let shippers know when there has been an issue with their consignment, further enhancing the transparency and predictability of the supply chain at Schiphol.  

The need for accurate monitoring of temperature and other excursions to prevent damage to sensitive pharmaceutical products is clear, and at Schiphol, we are passionate about ensuring a closed, qualified, and transparent pharmaceutical supply chain.  

Schiphol has teamed up with Air France-KLM Cargo, Cargonaut, and PGA members for the project, which is funded by a one million euro subsidy awarded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), and TKI Dinalog, the Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics.  

We will continue working to clearly demonstrate the quality of our supply chain so that shippers can always have peace of mind that their consignment is in the best possible hands.  

Interested in what Schiphol Cargo or Pharma Gateway Amsterdam can do for you? Please get in touch via, LinkedIn or Twitter. We are always keen to know your thoughts.