'cool supply chain the ultimate aim'

5th Annual Bio/Pharmaceutical Cold Chain China 2014 - Beijing | 5-7 MAR

5th Annual Bio/Pharmaceutical Cold Chain China 2014 - Beijing | 5-7 MAR

March 5, 2014

Implementing new regulations, mitigating supply chain risk and ensuring quality to develop excellence in cold chain

Bringing together the Heads of Supply Chain, Quality Control and Regulatory Compliance to discuss quality- and temperature-control in cold chain whilst balancing cost
China is geared to become the third-largest pharmaceutical market in the world. MNCs are flooding into China to set up their manufacturing and operations plant in China, but China's supply chain continues to face challenges and problems from regulations, sub-contractors, extreme weather conditions and inefficient transportation system.

The implementation of the revised GSP regulation in June 2013 marks a new chapter in China's cold chain industry. Under the scrutiny of the Chinese government, players have to lift their game to greater heights. Temperature control and sensitive handling has become an even more pressing issue.

The 5th Annual Bio/Pharmaceutical Cold Chain China 2014 brings you one of the largest and most comprehensive networking opportunities for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device professionals in China involved in temperature-controlled supply chain. We will play host to industrial experts from leading companies in the industry to discuss best practices on temperature-controlled storage and transportation within China in compliance with GSP. Attendees will be able to network with industry experts, potential clients and vendors from pharmaceutical, distributor manufacturing, warehousing and logistics providers.