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4th Annual Cold Chain MENA - Dubai | 8-11 DEC

4th Annual Cold Chain MENA - Dubai | 8-11 DEC

December 8, 2013

Promoting cost-effective techniques and advanced technologies in pharmaceutical cold chain management and transportation across MENA

The pharmaceutical market in the GCC has witnessed considerable progress over the years. With the rise in populations across the MENA region, the demand for drugs has increased, estimated at US $8.5 Billion in 2012 compared to US $7.7 Billion in 2011, of which the 59.4% is contributed by Saudi, followed by UAE, Kuwait and other countries.

With huge budgets available across the GCC governments, there is a high degree of motivation towards allocating investments to provide quality healthcare for it’s citizens. Government allocations range anywhere between 6% - 12% of their annual spending on the healthcare sector.

However the drug manufacturing is at a relatively nascent stage, hence around 80% of the pharmaceuticals consumed are imported from foreign countries, which include a major portion of temperature sensitive products. With the rise in local manufacturing and importing of biopharma drugs, pharma companies are facing stiff challenges with temperature excursions of the drugs due to:

Lack of advanced technologies to protect products in hot climatic zones
Lack of skilled manpower
Lack of qualified drug distributors and transport agents
Lack of adherence to government policies and frameworks
To help achieve the objectives of the pharma companies and ensure product integrity is maintained through the distribution cycle, IQPC is proud to announce the 4th Annual Cold Chain MENA conference from 8 - 11 December 2013 in Dubai. The event will address how to monitor, control and manage temperatures and other associated risks to bio pharma products across the whole supply chain from manufacturer to the end user